Here are some of the new costumes we will be getting together within the next few weeks :

Sat. Class #2 & #3  –
Hapa Haole Outfit  (Yellow skirt, Yellow Briefs, Half Top, Silk flower accessories)
Sat. Class #3  –  
Blue Flowered Hip Dress (Dress & Gardenia Comb)
ʻOpio Group  –
Sarong Dress (Dress & silk flower accessories)
Mon. 6pm & Wed. 9:45am – 
Chant Costume  (Brown Paʻu top & Skirt, Overskirt, Kukui Hands, Feet & Neck and Silk Fern Full Head)
Any Adult  – 
New Pink Studio Muu (YOU NEED TO LET ME KNOW ASAP!) I will place a new order on Thursday.

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