Hula, Pure and Simple


As the “Pua” or next generation of Kapiolani Hula Studio, Kumu Hula K. Holoaumoku Ralar along with Alakaʻi Pualalea Cabaungan carry on the hula traditions and philosophy of Maui’s famous Kumu Hula, Aunty Emma Farden Sharpe: anyone with a desire to learn hula is welcomed and taught to dance.  Na Pua O Kapiolani seeks no “type” of student: “ages 4 and up” means any age, any ethnicity, any body shape, any color hair. Our “gracious ladies” group of grandmothers and great grandmothers participate in performances with our keiki, teens and young mothers.  For Our Students, we share with them our gift of hula and are encourage them to share what they have learned and become ambassadors of hula throughout the islands, mainland and world.  Our students pass on their precious lei by dancing with joy and aloha. Before every performance we tell the students, “The hard work is over; now let’s dance and have fun. ”The art of choreography is Aunty Kathy Ralarʻs special gifting, expressing and interpreting ancient mele and modern Hawaiian songs into new dances – woven from the traditional hula steps and hand motions taught to her by Aunty Emma.  Whether styled to Traditional Kahiko, Monarchy Era, ‘Auana, or Hapa-Haole style songs, our hula are authentic. The Hawaiian music of our performance band, Mauna Eke, compliments our dancers. Students are encouraged to perform for many different events on Maui and on the continent.  Our live music and classic Hawaiian “ho’ike” performances give back to our community, educate visitors, and give our students the venue to share their hula with family and friends.

Hula, Pure and Simple is who we are. E Hula Kakou! Let’s all dance hula!

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