Friday, Wailuku Classes – Friday,Aug. 10th  
Papa Liko                            4:00pm
Papa Ilima (Wailuku)      5:00pm
Saturday, Keiki Classes – Saturday, August 11th.
Papa Hua                              9:00am
Papa Kupu ’Ekahi              9:30am
Papa Kupu ’Elua                 10:00am
Papa Mohala                        10:45am
Monday,  Wahine Classes – Monday, August 13th
Papa Maile (Mon.)              5:00pm
Papa Ilima                            6:00pm
Thursday, Wahine Class – Thursday, August 16th
Papa Lokelani                     9:00am 
Wednesday, Wahine Class – August 22nd
Papa Maile (Wed.)              9:45am

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